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More than a sleek design, DreamStation combines proven technology from the previous lineups, featuring new technology to provide comfortable, natural and effortless experience as sleep should be. 

Let us bring you through some of the features in DreamStation

An amazing feature to have, Opti-Start in the DreamStation CPAP machine has one goal in mind: Optimal pressure from the start. With the intention to improve your comfort, this will decrease the likelihood of any apneic events from happening during the beginning of therapy. By starting your therapy session 90% closer to your previous therapy session you won't have to worry about any residual events from happening.

Icon Navigation and Colorful Display
DreamStation comes with color display screen, using the dial to navigate Icon-based with label menu that is easy to understand. There's a ambient light sensors to adjust the brightness of the display screen depending on light levels in the room.

My info: Summarized therapy result of 1-day / 7-day / 30-day Therapy Hours, AHI, Mask Fit, Periodic Breathing, DreamMapper (not available in Asia) 
My Provider: Device serial number, model, software version. Therapy Hours. Performance Check.
My Setup: Ramp setting, Flex (exhalation pressure relief) setting, MaskType, Mask Fit Check, Tube Type, Language.
Advance Auto-CPAP Algorithm Adjusts to your needs
Beside having advanced technology that monitors your breathing for flow limitations and adapts to them, it automatically adjust the therapy throughout the night to ensure you receive the optimum pressure for comfortable sleep.
Performance Check: Gives you peace of mind by simplifying in home evaluation and troubleshooting that your device was working properly throughout the night.


Keeping Your Device Clean

Change of filters regularly to keep air used free from environmental pollutants. It is advisable to replace your Disposable Filter monthly and rinse your Reusable Filter monthly. Note that it is recommended to replace reusable filters every 6 months

Filters protect your machine as well as your respiratory system. Your CPAP/BIPAP takes in air from the room, filters it, and pressurizes it to deliver therapy to keep your airway open during sleep. 

What Does DreamStation Auto CPAP set comes with? 

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