Amara View Full Face Mask (Philips)


Amara View Full Face Mask is available for Trial Rental. 
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Product Description 
Looking for a lighter Full Face Mask? Philips Amara View may just be what you are looking for.
An Innovative design with minimum contact and light weight that changes the way how Full Face Mask is worn. No big triangles cushion that cause pressure on nose’s bridge, no forehead pad. You can now wear your glasses with Amara View Full Face Mask. One Frame fits different cushion size. 
    This mask pack includes....
      -  Amara View Full Face Mask Frame
      -  Amara Veiw Cushion in Selected Size 
      -  Headgear
      -  1 Pair of Headgear clip
      -  Swivel Elbow with Short Tube  
      -  Manual Guide
    Amara View Cushion
    The one-piece cushion covers the mouth and the tip of your nose allowing visibility while you have your Amara View on. A rectangular nostril opening at the top of the cushion allows it to gently rest against your nose.  

    Headgear : With 2 quick release clip attached to the headgear for easy put on and take off. Headgear has Velcro Adjustment to adjust the seal for your nose and mouth area.

    Short Tube with Swivel Elbow:The flexible lightweight short tube offers you the freedom in changing your sleep position and maintaining proper seal throughout the night. 

      Mask Care
        -  Hand wash the mask before the first use
        -  Hand wash the cushion (gel) daily with gentle soap and air dry it.
        -  Wash the headgear weekly (do no bleach)
        -  Lay the headgear flat for drying, not to place it into dryer
        Why do I need a Full Face Mask?
          -  If you sleep with your mouth open
          -  You wake up with a dry mouth
          -  You have stuffy or blocked nose



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