Sleep Test in Singapore for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Home Sleep Screening (HSS)


Do not delay the assessment of your sleep if you display symptoms of OSA.

We provide sleep apnea tests in Singapore that can be made available in the comforts of your own home. Home Sleep Testing is more cost effective and it can be set up at the comfort of your own home.

What should i expect for a Home Sleep Test

Self Collection: 
(Cash deposit of $200 is required, it will be fully refunded upon return of undamaged device) 
1. Pick up the Alice NightOne on a scheduled date. (at our showroom) 
2. Therapy Assistant will guide you the 4 easy set up step.
3. Bring home Alice Night One with Smart Guide (step-by-step instructions). 
4. Sleep one night with Alice NightOne.
5. Unhook it the next day and send it back to us within the next day.
6. Result will be out within the next 7 working days
With Sleep Technician Set Up:
(Cash deposit not required for technician set up)
1. Our Sleep Technician come by your house at the time and date scheduled
2. Set up the Alice NightONE device
3. Come back the next morning to collect the equipment
4. Result will be ready within the next 7 working days

 Sleep test
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Learn more about Home Sleep Test

Innovative Home Sleep Testing has proven in many ways to be just as effective for an over-night test for Obstructive Sleep Apnea..

Philips Respironics unveiled the Alice NightOne, an at Home Sleep Testing (HST) device, which can serve as an effective machine for sleep apnea testing. With great accuracy, this latest, intuitive testing option allows reliable and accurate diagnosis of sleep disordered breathing that is more accessible and efficient, which helps patients get snoring treatment in Singapore in time. More importantly, it gives patients the option of having a sleep test in the comfort of their own home, which may improve overall patient experience and drive better outcomes.”

Setting up Alice NightONE is Easy.
Alice NightOne Smart Guide Setup display illuminated sensor indicators will show a green light when a good singnal is detected.
Auto-ON features turns on the device as soon as the RIP belts is clicked in place.  

Sleep apnea sleep machine
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With only 3 external Sensors; RIP Belt, Cannula and Finger Oximeter, Alice NightOne provides 7 recording channels 

Body Position - orientation of sleeping position in bed: Supine / Prone / Right Side / Left Side and Upright.
Pressure Flow (Cannula) - to measures your airflow.
Thoracic Effort (Belt) - this is a respiration channel that records the effort of your breathing.
Pleth (Finger Oximeter) - a channel to record the changes in arterial blood flow.
Pulse Rate (Finger Oximeter) - a measurement of heart rate.
Snore - to display data derived from the pressure based flow cannula that represent a snore waveform. 
SpO2 (Finger Oximeter) - to record your blood oxygen saturation data.


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