Alice Home Sleep Test

Philips Respironics unveiled the Alice NightOne Home Sleep Testing (HST) device. Alice NightOne which uses the same sensor technology recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) for laboratory studies. 

You can choose to pick up the equipment and set it up at home yourself (the most cost saving), or you can choose to have a sleep technician to go to your house at a arranged time to set it up for you.

The sleep test setup consists of 3 sensors (effort belt, flow and oximetry) which provides seven channels of sleep parameter data, providing quality monitoring throughout the night. 

Alice Night One records your Breathing Effort, Air Flow, Oxygen Level, Pulse Rate, and also Sleeping Position during your sleep. The recorded data provide information on how often and duration of obstruction during your sleep. 

Effort Belt To measure breathing effort. The belt is adjustable according to your size.

Cannula - To measure your breathing flow 

Finger OximeterTo measure your blood oxygen and pulse rate

Why Choose a Home Sleep Test?

1. To avoid long waiting Q to do a sleep study in hosptial.
2. You can sleep in the comfort of your own bed.
3. Cost Saving

Set Up a Sleep Test yourself?

1. Get in touch with me and arrange a date for your sleep test.
2. Pick up the device on the arrange date
3. We will coach you on how to set it up at home 
4. Return the device the next day.
5. Report will be ready in about 5 working days
Or you are choose to have a sleep technician to set it up for you


Book yourself or someone you love for a Simple and affordable Home Sleep Test today.

Don't wait for the silent killer to find you.