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Getting the best fitted mask will highly increase the success rate for CPAP Therapy and it also increase the comfort level in having a mask on through out the night. Trying the mask on for a few minutes and sleep with it through the night is a whole different experience. 

3R Medical offer mask rental trial before you commit a purchase on a mask. 

There are there basic mask designs in the market; Nasal Mask, Nasal Pillow Mask, Full Face Mask.

Philips PICOAirFit N20  F&P Eson2   Wisp w/ Fabric Frame  Wisp w/ Silicone Frame

Nasal Mask - a triangle cushion covering the nose only. The cushion usually comes in silicone or gel form. A headgear with 4 points hold the mask on your face. Philips Nasal Mask comes with all the cushion size in one pack. Some nasal mask come in 1 cushion size per pack.

 AirFit P10   DreamWear NP  Dreamwear Mask Pilairo MaskNuance NP     Brevida NP


Nasal Pillow Mask are cushion that directly sit at the tip of you nostrils. Nasal Pillow is the lightest compare to nasal and full face mask. Most of the nasal pillow mask comes with 3 cushion size in a pack. 

Amara FFMAmara Gel FFMSimplus FFM


Full Face Mask is a big triangle cushion that covers the nose and mouth. It is most idea for mouth breather. More of the cushion comes in Silicone or Gel cushion but full face is a slightly heavier than the other 2 model and it has a higher check of mask leak. 


FAQ on Masks

How often should I clean my mask ?

  • It is recommended to clean your cushion daily to remove oil and dirt deposits.
  • Cushion can be washed with mild soap & water. You may towel dry or air dry it before wearing your mask.
  • Wash your entire set of mask every week or alternate week. Hand wash only, and lay flat to dry your mask.


What kind of soap can I use to wash my mask?

  1. Types of soap you can use
  • Baby Soap
  • Body wash without moisturizer 
  • Hand soap without moisturizer
  • Fabric wash for headgears/straps
  1. Types of soap not recommend
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Strong/harsh soap for house cleaning


How often should I replace my mask?

  • Mask headgear should be replace: Every 6 to 9 months.
  • Entire set of mask:  Every 12 months. 




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