Amara View Full Face Mask - Headgear

Product Description 
Amara View Full Face Mask replacement part: Headgear Strap. This headgear fit with any size of Amara View Full Face Mask ONLY. 

This product Includes...
  -  Headgear (replacement headgear for Amara View Full Face Mask)


How to wash your headgear?
  -  Hand wash it with light liquid soap
  -  Towel dry it
  -  Lay the headgear flat to air dry it (light sun is fine)
    How often to change your headgear?
    It is recommended to change your headgear once a year or as needed.
    Your headgear may become stretched or lose its elasticity over time, resulting to discomfort and over-tightening. This will affect the effectiveness of your therapy. is constantly working towards in lowering the price to encourage regular headgear replacement to increase your therapy comfort level.


    Click on the link for Videos on Amara VIEW Full Face Mask
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