DeVilbiss BLUE Auto CPAP - DV64

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      This Product Includes... 
        -  DeVilbiss BLUE AutoAdjust  CPAP Machine 
        -  Carrying Case 
        -  Slim Grey Tube (15mm)
        -  Reusable Filter x 2
        -  Disposable Filter x 2
        -  Power Cord
        -  Manual Guide
        - 2 Year Warranty

      Product Description 
      The DeVilbiss BLUE AutoAdjust -  DV64, the latest model from DeVilbiss is designed for CPAP user to have the easiest therapy tracking and adjusting of clinical setting without leaving your home. It is the most friendly user Auto CPAP in the market.

      It has incorporates latest technological advancements in sleep therapy, in order to provide patients with maximum compliance & comfort throughout therapy. 

      -  "PureView" AutoAdjust Algorithm
        -  Large LCD Screen Display
        -  SmartCode remote monitoring
        -  OPTIONAL Heated Humidifier
        -  SmartFlex & Adjustable Rounding
        -  Ramp Comfort Feature
        -  Auto Start / Auto Stop
        AutoAdjust :This is an algorithm developed by DeVilbiss, which helps setting the new standards for therapy data management and monitoring. PureView Algorithm is one of the most advanced and complex event detection & response solutions incorporated in DV64. 

           -  Recognizing & differentiating variability in complex breathing waveforms, ensuring most comfortable breathing experience.

          -  The device intuitively recognizes relevant breathing events throughout the therapeutic session and custom tailors pressure therapy for best compliance and comfort.

          -  Complex reporting for OSA & complex apnea.

          -  The algorithm can identify and differentiate intuitively between complex apnea, central sleep apnea or periodic breathing

          Large LCD Screen  The sharp LCD screen increases the visibility of displayed information. It also has a clock function, easy to navigate by turning the dial and press to enter the page. The LCD screen allows you to view the following:
          Adjusting of Heated Humidifier Heat Level (level 1 - 5) 
          Quick View
          A view of your Therapy Summarize Result of 1, 7, 30, 90 Days
           - 4+ Hours (It is recommended to use at least 4 hours a night)
           - AHI (Apnea, Hypopnea Index) 
           - CAI (Central Apnea Index)
           - Average Daily Use (Avg hours of usage) 
           - Poor Mask Fit (percentage of poor mask fit in the night)      
          A technology- patented by DeVilbiss, this technology uses an encryption method through which CPAP data is compressed into codes. Whenever the code is decrypted, through, Result of your Therapy will be generated; Apnea/Hypopnea Index, Central Apnea Index, Exhale Puff %, Poor Mask Fit %, 90th Percentile Pressure.
          • SmartCode RX -  SmartCode Rx enable optimum therapy management without the need for a modem or an internet connection.  This is a function for your care-provider to provide you a code to adjust the clinical setting of your DeVilbiss BLUE.

          Click on link - How to Generate SmartCode and Read the Report

          Optional -DeVilbiss BLUE Heated Humidifier - The standard humidifier can be set to a level ranging from 0-5 and will heat to provide that level of moisture all night long during inhalation and exhalation. Level 0 provides no heat, while level 5 provides the most heat.


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