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Have you ever wondered how to clean your CPAP machine's internal components where environmental air runs through?

Keeping your CPAP machine clean is not just regular change of filters. Thus, cleaning your CPAP equipment has become a daily or weekly routine for many CPAP users. 

How does a CPAP cleaner clean your CPAP machine?
Activated Oxygen also known as ‘Ozone’ is a natural molecule that is formed when a third atom of oxygen is introduced into the common oxygen molecule that we are familiar with. This molecule becomes “super-charged”, which has the ability to oxidize bacteria, viruses, and odorsOzone essentially reverts back to oxygen after it is formed in the generator and dispersed in a room, making it a very environmentally friendly oxidant.

How does ozone kill bacteria?
Ozone kills bacteria by destroying the cell wall of the bacteria. Once the cell wall is destroyed, the bacteria will be unable to survive.

Rescomf is a simple and easy to use. Simply connect it to your CPAP machine via your 6 ft (1.8 m) CPAP tube. The disinfection process will take 35 minutes.


Researchers reported that they found a variety of microbes like bacteria that can build up inside your CPAP machine & equipment which might cause potential harm to you.

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This Pack includes: 
- Rescomf 
- Charging Power Cord
- USB cable 

How to use Rescomf to disinfect your Machine & Mask?
For machine:
1. Charge your Rescomf device
2. Remove the 6 ft (1.8 m) tube from your mask and connect it with Rescomf on the Tubing Port. 
3. Do not power your machine.
4. Press the On/Off button on Rescomf and it will start disinfecting your cpap. 
5. Rescomf will Auto Shut Off once it completes (approximately 35 mins)
6. Do not use your machine for the next 2 hours after disinfection.

For Mask: 
1. Place your mask in a enclosed box together with Rescomf
2. Turn on the Rescomf and cover the box till the disinfection is over


Sizes 117ⅹ68ⅹ50(mm)
Weight 205g
Internal rechargeable power supply Capacity:2000mAh  Rated Power:2.5W
Working condition -5℃~45℃
Storage and transportation -20℃~55℃
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