Reusable Pollen Filter for DreamStation Series by Philips

Product Description 

1 Pieces per Pack Reusable Pollen Filter for DreamStation Auto CPAP, Auto BiPAP.

The Reusable Pollen filter is the dark blue colored filter 

To be used together with Ultra Fine Filter for DreamStation Series by Philips

The Pollen filter will filter out larger particles like pollen, dust, smoke and pet dander. CPAP/BiPAP filters will not filter out microbial particles (i.e. viral and bacterial particles). To filter out microbial particles, Universal Bacterial Viral Filter is an additional filter attached at the air outlet of your unit.

This is a single filter and frame only. Individually packed, does not include any other parts or products. 

Washing Tips:

  • This reusable pollen filter should be wash at least once every 2 weeks.
  • Remove filter from your machine and also remove the Disposable Fine Filter (Light Blue Frame) if attached.
  • Turn it upside down, place it under running water to allow water to clear any collected debris accumulated on the filter.
  • Gently shake the filter to clear off as much water as possible
  • Place the filter to air dry it before placing it back into your DreamStation.
  • Lifespan of filter is 4 months 
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